A seminal work by Lisa Noel Babbage

These are the stuff of dreams; a dream that could only come true once upon a time in America.

The Dominion Mandate

Throughout man’s history, ruling families, called dynasties, have exhorted citizens, and more often than not, crushed them. Yet, over these centuries, loyalty to the ruling dynasty has never been questioned. Citizens and subjects alike bow before and honor their monarchs, dictators, and potentates in both fear and reverence. The longest surviving dynasty can be traced back to Japan. Its Imperial Yamato Dynasty, for which the phrase Imperial Japan can be attributed, began sometime around 660 BC. These noble houses are the measuring rod of history; delineating the time in which these families reigned as supreme patrons over nations and peoples. Unlike the Imperial or any other dynasty, Donald John Trump began a dynasty unto his own: one duly elected, not fashioned nor created out of the influence of any outside force. His legacy, some say, was envisioned only by God. Others might marvel at the sheer will of the man who transformed the world’s greatest nation, America. Still more may say that the 45th President of the United States encapsulates the epitome of what it means to be American, thereby breaking the mold of what leadership had previously been defined as. Enter the Dominion Mandate.


“For the two decades prior to the Trump era, America’s manufacturing industry slowly faltered. In 2003, the New York Times reported that American technology jobs were headed offshore.”

“In the last days of the Obama Administration, the Stream Protection Act was passed which limited the scope of domestic coal production. President trump dissolved this ruling in the first 13 months.”

“In October, just weeks before [the 2020 election], two thousand black conservatives descended upon Washington, again at the support of the President, and in this case, the police.”











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The Dominion Mandate will continue to be updated as new information becomes available about the November 2020 election as well as the January 2021 Capitol breach. Continue to check back for updates.

About Dr. Babbage

A longtime educator and public speaker, Dr. Babbage is also a grassroots volunteer and community activist. Her efforts on behalf of Greater Atlanta direct much of her work which is aimed at restoring communities and sharing truth. #ToThineOwnselfBeTrue

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